Dako, world leader in cancer diagnostics, launches Eridan™ - a new generation of fully integrated systems to obtain high-quality test results and shorten response times from tissue sample to diagnosis.

The development of automated and integrated systems to enhance workflow in hospital laboratories is part of Dako’s strategy to improve today’s cancer diagnostics. Eridan is the latest strategic product development taking over manual processes in hospital laboratories, freeing up personnel for other duties and raising the quality of the tests performed by offering continuous processing of patient specimens and flexible data management capabilities.

Eridan builds on Dako’s core competency in immunology by integrating the highest quality reagents with intelligent software and advanced instrumentation and represents a major investment in research and development.

“The launch of Eridan, the market’s most advanced system for cancer diagnostics, is a big step forward for Dako in becoming a provider of fully integrated systems,” says CEO Patrik Dahlén. “Having worked very closely with pathologists and histologists throughout the development of this system, we are confident that it will closely meet the needs of the pathology department. We have reached an important strategic milestone and will now further pursue opportunities to improve cancer diagnostics.”

Over the last two years, the system has been evaluated by representatives from leading hospitals and research laboratories. A single instrument can process more than 128 slides in eight hours using standard Dako protocols. Multiple instruments and more than a dozen computers can be linked to one central database using the Eridan local area network.

The system has now been launched both in Europe and in the US and will continue to be rolled out to Dako’s customers worldwide.

Close up of the new Eridan™ IHC staining system.