XmatrxTM Automated Staining System

BioGenex announces the launch of the XmatrxTM Automated Staining System.

The XmatrxTM System is an exciting addition to BioGenex’s automated systems as it offers customers an intelligent and flexible system that performs multiple applications for molecular diagnostics

* The All in One, All at Once XmatrxTM System automates fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), in situ hybridization (ISH), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and special stains (SS) all on the same platform.

* XmatrxTM System delivers walk-away automation from Microtome to Microscope. From the initial baking of the tissue on the slide, the system automates dewaxing, antigen retrieval, and all subsequent steps through the application of the SuperSlipTM at the end of a slide-based assay. This results in a completely finished slide ready to go directly to the microscope or imaging system for review.

* XmatrxTM System has a unique User-Friendly Software, which allows random, STAT, and continuous access. The XmatrxTM System offers the user the peace of mind with the RFID encoding for tracking reagent usage and reagent lot numbers. Each slide position has a time and temperature controlled heating element. Furthermore the XmatrxTM System can perform a wide range of applications on a single platform, setting it apart from the competition.

* XmatrxTM System offers Ease Of Use, high throughput, and high performance that enables users to standardize their procedures and gain high quality results at an affordable cost.