Tyramide Signal Amplification

Tyramide Signal Amplification™ (TSA) is an patented technology developed by PerkinElmer scientists that amplifies both chromogenic and Fluorescent signals in standard immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization protocols, resulting in a significant increase in sensitivity, without loss of resolution or increase in background.

Because TSA is a signal amplification technology, it eliminates the target amplification (PCR) sometimes utilized in in situ when low or single copy genes are present. By using TSA in immunohistochemistry applications, unamplified detection levels can be maintained while utilizing up to 1,000-fold less primary antibody.

The portfolio of TSA products have recently been expanded with the introduction of TSA Plus, a completely biotin-free system for chromogenic detection, and the TSA Cyanine 5 System, which combines the high fluorescence of cyanine dyes with the detection sensitivity of TSA technology. The new Cyanine 5 System join existing TSA kits containing other dyes, including Cyanine 3, thus offering multi-color detection capabilities in multiple-labeling applications.

Biotin-Free TSA plus brings enhanced sensitivity to existing DIG labeling protocols.