Human Protein Atlas

Protein Atlas version 3.0 - 2007.10.09
The human protein atlas shows expression and localization of proteins in a large variety of normal human tissues, cancer cells and cell lines with the aid of immunohistochemistry (IHC) images.

A new version of the Human Protein Atlas has been released. The new version contains more than 2.8 million images corresponding to more than 3000 antibodies. Protein Array-data and Western Blot-data have been added.

[New] Third major release of the Human Protein Atlas with more than 3.000 antibodies and more than 2.800.000 images.
[New] Section for immunoflourescence staining of cell lines and confocal scanned images.
[New] Advanced search functionality enabling expression pattern search.
[New] Sort IHC tissues by alphabetic or histogenic order.
[New] Antibody specifility diagrams are now available for each HPA antibody based on array experiments. The diagrams can be found on the antibody info page.
[New] Western blot images are showed on selected antibodies on the antibody info page.