Glabrene | TN1690

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Glabrene | TN1690 | TargetMol Chemicals

CAS: 60008-03-9

Smiles: CC1(C)Oc2c(ccc(O)c2C=C1)C1=Cc2ccc(O)cc2OC1

Formula: C20H18O4

Pathway: Endocrinology/Hormones|||Others|||Proteases/Proteasome

Target: Others|||Estrogen/progestogen Receptor|||Tyrosinase

Receptor: N/A

Bioactivity: Glabrene, Liquiritin apioside, neolicuroside, and 18α2-glycyrrhetic acid are the predominant phenolic derivatives partitioning at the interface and most likely the major contributors to the notable synergistic antioxidant activity when coupled with pea protein hydrolysates (PPHs).Glabrene has estrogen-like activity, it can stimulate DNA synthesis in human endothelial cells (ECV-304; E304) and has a bi-phasic effect on proliferation of human vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). Glabrene and isoliquiritigenin may serve as candidates for skin-lightening agents, they exert varying degrees of inhibition on tyrosinase-dependent melanin biosynthesis.

Molecular Weight: 322, 36


(No reviews yet) Write a Review