INDICAID Rapid Antigen Test

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Product Overview

The INDICAID Rapid Antigen Test is a lateral flow immunoassay designed for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen from in  direct anterior nasal swab specimens from individuals suspected of by their healthcare provider within the first five (5) days of symptom onset or from individuals without symptoms or other epidemiological reasons to suspect disease 19 when tested twice over two or three days with at least 24 hours
and no more than 48 hours between tests.

The results of this experiment are to identify the  nucleocapsid protein antigen. This antigen is generally detectable in anterior nasal swabs during the acute phase of infection. The presence of viral antigens indicates an active infection, but clinical history and other diagnostic information must be used to determine infection status. 

A negative result should be considered presumptive and may be confirmed with a molecular assay, if necessary. Negative results do not rule out  infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or patient management decisions, including infection control decisions. Negative results should be considered in the context of a patient’s recent exposures, history, and symptoms consistent with the disease.

How to use

  1. Remove the swabs and test devices from their packaging. Place the test device on a horizontal surface for running the test.
  2. insert the entire collection tip of the swab provided (usually ½ to ¾ of an an inch or 1 to 1.5 cm) inside the nostril.
  3.   Firmly sample the nasal wall by rotating the swab in a circular path against the nasal wall at least 4 times.
  4. Take approximately 15
    seconds to collect the specimen. Be
    sure to collect any nasal drainage
    that may be present on the swab.
  5. Repeat in the other nostril using the
    same swab.
  6. The Buffer Solution Vial cap is
    composed of two parts (purple and
    white). Remove the entire cap. Stir
    the swab into the Buffer Solution,
    ensuring that the swab head is fully
    submerged by tilting the vial.
  7. Twist the swab back and forth 20
    times in the Buffer Solution. Roll the
    swab head against the inner wall of
    the vial to release the liquid from the
    swab, then discard the swab.
  8. Close the entire vial cap tightly.
    Immediately proceed to the Test
    Procedures to process the sample.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review