Panbio Nasal Test

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Product Overview

Panbio™ Ag Rapid Test Device contains a membrane strip, which

is pre-coated with immobilized antibody on the test line and

mouse monoclonal anti-chicken IgY on the control line. Two types of conjugates

(human IgG specific to 2 Ag gold conjugate (binds to the nucleocapsid

protein) and chicken IgY gold conjugate) move upward on the membrane

chromatographically and react with antibody and pre-coated

mouse monoclonal anti-chicken IgY respectively.

For a positive result, human IgG specific to  Ag gold conjugate and  antibody will
form a test line in the result window. Neither the test line nor the control line are
visible in the result window prior to applying the patient specimen. A visible control
line is required to indicate a test result is valid.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review